The one ring to rule them all…wait what?

So because people have been asking, and my retelling doesn’t really do it justice, here’s the pictures I took of Mr Newly’s marriage proposal which happened five hours before I had to leave the US and head back home to Scotland. I was ready to be miserable for the whole morning and instead woke up to find this inside my netbook, so here we have it, wedding proposal complete with narrative—play along!

Huh…well he’s done weirder things lesse… oh I know mirror!

aha! Right behind the Nyquil.

When I saw the words “letter horde” I turned to regard the horror that is the ever growing mountain of his unopened mail that takes up an entire corner of our apartment. But then I read the rest of it and was much relieved to find that he was referring to my Elf Hunter on Lord of the Rings, and not the household objects I implement as weapons to fight the Monsters that live under the mail. So, to the keyboard!

Which is filthy! I’m sorry! And also devoid of a clue, but lets see what is underneath…

“Oven doesn’t rhyme with any of that!”


“Ooooh! I see

At which point I booted him out of the kitchen where he’d taken up refuge making breakfast, having found that I’d discovered the first clue and promptly getting out of my way.



*Three layers of books removed from the top shelf and pages flipped through later*

: O !!

: D

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3 Responses to The one ring to rule them all…wait what?

  1. Casey Bussey says:

    My father proposed to my mother then left for Europe for 3 months, I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, congratulation to you both and welcome to the family. xxoxx Casey & Greg

  2. Nana Leonti says:

    This is adorable! And I love the bookshelf, it looks like mine 😛

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